Virgin Radio Max

The biggest cinema screen in the Middle East and North Africa has now arrived at the VOX Cinemas, City Centre Deira. We thought it would sound just right to have the biggest English radio station in the UAE partnering with the biggest screen. Welcome to Virgin Radio MAX!

The massive laser screen measures an impressive 31 metres wide and almost 13 metres tall and would be able to fit over 2 million pieces of popcorn on the surface alone. The Virgin VOX MAX screen also boasts a Christie 6P Laser 3D projection system and possibly the most powerful audio technology in the world using DOLBY ATMOS cinema systems.

The auditorium alone is able to fit in 25 million cups of Pepsi and can accommodate 550 movie fans; bringing a whole new energy to Bollywood blockbusters and adrenaline-filled Hollywood action movies.

See what all of the fuss is about, watch the biggest blockbusters in the Virgin Radio MAX screen, book at voxcinemas.com or on the VOX mobile apps.

To win tickets with popcorn and soda to experience Virgin Radio MAX, answer the question below.

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